Baby Shower Invitations

How to Send Baby Shower Invitations

A baby shower is a great way to connect with friends and family during this special time in your life. In addition it is also a great way to help allay the costs of having a baby. When you have a baby there are a lot of expenses you have to consider from medical care to buying all the things a baby needs, especially in the first year of life. Having a baby shower will allow friends and family to give you gifts to help offset some of those costs. Not only is a baby shower practical but it is also a lot of fun. When planning it a lot goes into the detail and baby shower invitations are no exception.

There are basically two ways to mail out baby shower invitations. The baby shower invitations can be mailed via post or they can be emailed to guests. Traditionally, they are mailed via post as that is what proper etiquette dictates. However, in today's electronic times, more and more people are finding it acceptable to use e-cards and e-vites as a means to send baby shower invitations. The advantage of sending through email is that you can easily track RSVP's as well as save a lot of money on postage and the baby shower invitations themselves with this method. You may even be able to send out to your entire guest list at no charge at all.

Whether mailing electronically or via post, baby shower invitations should be sent out at least a few weeks in advance of the date of the part. Four weeks in advance is a good time to send them to give people time to clear their schedule as well as shop for gifts. It will also give you plenty of time to collect responses so you have an accurate count of who will attend your party. Make sure if you are sending baby shower invitations via post that you neatly write the mailing address on the front of the envelope and always make sure you have a return address. It is also proper etiquette to use a stamp to mail baby shower invitations as opposed to bringing them in bulk to the post office for metering.

If you want to send baby shower invitations via post, you should pick out the invitations and coordinating envelopes. You can either get pre printed baby shower invitations or ones where you fill in the details by hand. Pre printed baby shower invitations will be the most expensive option but they are also very elegant looking and ideal for a more formal gathering. The next option is to find baby shower invitations where there are spaces for you to hand write the details of the party. If you choose this, make sure the writing is legible. You can also make your own baby shower invitations using card stock you get at an office supply store or craft store. This is going to be your least expensive option for mailing baby shower invitations via post.

For emailing baby shower invitations you can choose from creating your own invitations, using an E-card service or using an E-vite service. An E-vite service is where you plan your party and give all the details needed. You then create a mailing list of all the invitees and choose a date for the invitation to be emailed to everyone. On that date the baby shower invitations will be sent out. Upon receipt, the guests can click a button to RSVP in the positive or negative. This is very handy and only takes a few seconds. You will be able to keep track of all responses easily.

An E-card service is where a website has a variety of different themed cards for different occasions. You will pick out the card that you like best for your baby shower invitations, customize it and add whatever details are necessary. You can add a group of people to send it to and specify the date to send it. On that date, the baby shower invitations will be emailed. The only significant difference between that and an E-vite is there is generally no RSVP tracking function.

Finally, if you make your own, you can use a word processing program to create borders and fonts and write what you want in the invitation. Then, you can simply save it and attach it or embed it in your email. If you are really computer savvy, you can create a web page for your baby shower invitations and simply send the link to the baby shower invitations to all the friends and family who are invited.