Baby Shower Invitations

The Baby Shower Invitations for My Wife

For a lot of people, a baby shower is a very special and fun event. So, baby shower invitations have to reflect that. Well, there was one baby shower where the baby shower invitations turned out to be truly unique. Back just about seventeen years ago, my wife and I were expecting the birth of our first child. We had met doing community theater, and her friends had a special idea for her baby shower.

Step one, they did up some baby shower invitations that had a distinctly theater theme to them. Now, here was the tough part - not letting her see any of them, or find out about the baby shower. The baby shower invitations were really quite nice; they announced the addition of a new cast member to our little troupe of players, and invited people to come to the playhouse for a cast party in the Green Room.

Now, then we had to find a place for the party; a place to serve as the: Green Room. Considering the number of ladies that had gotten baby shower invitations, it was anticipated to be a big party. At that time, the theater group was considering offering my wife a position as their technical director. She would be in charge of all the set construction, lighting and props for every show. So, it was thought that a meeting to discuss the potion would be the perfect cover. The president of the group asked my wife to meet him at the warehouse on the appointed day and time, and we were then set. Talk about a cheap and easy way to lasso her into arriving at her own surprise baby shower!

My wife told me about the position; she was all excited, this was her ultimate dream job. I had to play dumb when she mentioned the meeting. After all, I'd seen the baby shower invitations, so I knew all about it. I also knew that the decision about hiring her had already been made; that would be the final present at the baby shower.

On the day of the baby shower, I called my mother to tell her when and where it was to be held. We'd wanted to send her a couple of the baby shower invitations; not only for her, but to keep as souvenirs. Unfortunately, all the cloak and dagger operations made it difficult for me to do that. Seeing the baby shower invitations had been one thing, but getting some and being able to mail them was quite another. So, I just told the ladies (my mother and sister-in-law) that I'd get the friend who had printed them to save a few baby shower invitations for me, and I'd give them out to the family afterwards.

We parted that morning; I went to the theater to work on putting up the set, and my wife drove off to the meeting with the board. Now, as I wasn't there, I don't know the full details of what went on. But, according to reports, she was totally surprised; did not see this coming one bit! They all yelled surprise, she just about fainted, and they all had a good laugh. Of course, she kept a bunch of mementoes from the party: the bows from the gifts, and a stack of baby shower invitations. She loved the wording on them, and the graphics they had put on them. Later, my wife framed one of the baby shower invitations, and put it up on the wall of our daughter's bedroom.

All in all, it was a great shower, and the baby shower invitations were a big hit.